Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Great Self-Watering Systems featuring 'Rain Gutter Grow System' and more!

Hello Friends,

This is a longer post with many great videos, if you don't have time for all of them now, bookmark this page for later. There are many self-watering containers out there and I won't be able to cover all but I'm going to feature one particular channel, Larry Hall. He has the best range of self-watering systems on youtube in my opinion and has had amazing results, he also has loads of colorful (colourful) pictures on his facebook page.

I want to tell you how easy all his systems are and why you should start now,

3 reasons why to start growing in self-watering containers:
  1. You don't have to worry about watering for days on end
  2. You only need to top up every now and then
  3. Go on holidays without asking your friend to water your garden 
  4. You don't have to weed! How about that!

The Rainwater System
Let's hear from Larry how and why he invented The Self Watering Rain Gutter Grow System.
 Has this got you into the mood of building one? Well watch this brilliant tutorial below
.So this is a bigger project I know but consider it anyway even if you don't have the time at the moment, these projects will be much easier and smaller and still as effective.

Larry's Pop Bottle self-watering Garden
This is genius and good for growing almost anything from cabbage to strawberries. I've found his tutorial and you HAVE to watch it, seriously!
How to Plant it out
What his strawberry plants are doing in it at the moment:

 Okay so that was easier but at the end I will show you how to make a simple self watering container from a couple of cups/pots. 

Those videos might be too long to watch now, just bookmark this page for later! I can't tell you enough how clever this is and should be used everywhere!

Let us look at another photo of the rainwater system. Isn't it really cool!
Part of a 70foot rainwater grow system! More photos here
So there you have two great methods of larger self-watering systems and you have to try at least one out. It's time to change the world into being more healthy and organic, sharing and having fun. These ideas are genius and amazing and I'm truly inspired by them like many other people. 

I really like his ideas and you can visit the rain gutter grow system group here: This is what I would love to do, go up and down the country installing these. Time for something new here in the UK and can't wait to get loads of people into growing their own produce easily!

One day I'll make my own but until next time, here is my 'mini' self-watering container, cheers! 


  1. #4. No need to pull weeds!!!

    Larry for President!!! :)